facial faq

How often should I get a facial? (If you get facials on a regular basis, your esthetician can keep you informed of changes in your skin and new products that would be beneficial to you. A spa treatment with professional products is usually more potent and effective than what you would use at home to maintain the health of your skin.

Can I use makeup after a facial? (The answer is most likely “yes”, but ask your esthetician. At the very least, especially if you undergo a peel be sure to wear a high quality sun screen to ward off sun damage. Also, some mineral makeup bases are considered an extension of your skin care (example: Glo Minerals is one))

Does a facial help with acne? (Facials can treat the symptoms of acne, but are unlikely to prevent new acne from forming. Our spa offers acne facials that involve deep cleansing and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads.)

How often should I get a facial? (We recommend monthly facials along with occasional intense, deep cleansing facials. Your skin condition and how your skin responds to each facial will dictate how often you get a treatment.