hair extension faq

Am I a candidate for Cinderella Hair Extensions?

The hair in th crown area needs to be at least four inches in length. Also, although rare, there may be health issues relating to your body and your hair that may prevent hair extensions from being an option.  If you are unsure weather or not you are a candidate for hair extensions, call and talk with Irma Wehnert.

How long does it last?

Other than normal hair loss, your extensions will last approximately 3 to 6 months with proper home care

How long does the process take?

The application will take 3 to 8 hours depending on the variables mentioned above.  Once the extensions are applied, the hair is cut and styled to blend the hair into the extensions to eliminate demarcation and prevent detection.  Again, the desired finished look is discussed and application is designed accordingly.

Can you match my hair?

The hair extensions bonds are available in a variety of classic colors, from blondes, reds, and brunette tones to black including numerous textures.  Combined with Irma's own expertise in coloring and perming, you are assured of a perfect match!

How do I manage my hair extensions once I get them?

These extensions are treated much the same as if it was your natural hair.  They are 100% human hair.  There are certain brushes, shampoos, and conditioning products that are recommended (some required).  A loose braid or scrunchee is suggested at bedtime to discourage tangling while you sleep.

Can I swim?

Absolutely NO SALT WATER swimming, chlorine pools are ok but you will need to wash your hair after swimming.  Once the application is completed, you will receive a home care maintenance sheet so you will know the best way to care for your extensions.

Can my hair be colored at the same time?

It is recommended that hair be colored or touched up a minimum of 48 hours prior to application of extensions.

Can hair extensions be styled with heat rollers, curling irons, or a round brush?

Yes, if they are kept at an adequate distance from bonds.

How much does it cost to put in the hair extensions

To price how much your hair extensions will cost, you will need to make an appointment for a no cost, no obligation consultation visit.  When you come in for your consultation, Irma will help you answer any questions you still may have about the extension process.

Do I need to pay any maintenance cost?

Maintenance for your hair extensions is crucial.  If taken care of properly Cinderella Hair Extensions can last for several months.  During maintenance visits, Irma will either replace any extensions that may have fallen out or completely remove the extensions to accommodate for new growth, depending on what is necessary.  You may also need a hair cut to help realistically blend in your extensions with your current style.

How easy is it to remove hair extensions? Can I do this myself?

It is NOT RECOMMENDED for you to remove you extensions on your own.  Visit Irma at Imagio Salon and Spa, and she can safely/adeptly take out your extensions when the time comes.