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Accessory Add-Up

 Fashion consultants often use a point system to be sure a look is neither over-done nor boring.  Give yourself one point for each of the following...and an extra point for any item that is especially bold or ornate:

___ Each visible item of clothing
___ Each accent color
___ Each patterned/textured fabric
___ Each decorative trim
___ Each piece of jewelry
___ Colored nail polish
___ Colored or textured hose
___ Handbag
___ Hairstyle
___ Contrasting belt
___ Scarf or pocket hankie
___ Decorative buttons
___ Eyeglasses
___ Hose that blend with shoes
___Low-heeled (not flat) shoes
___ Total

If your total falls below eight you probably need to add an accent or two to avoid looking bland.  If your score is over 14 you are probably overdressed.  Remove or change something to create a more pleasing, unified appearance.