Laser Hair Therapy

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Laser Hair Enhancement is a scientific approach to creating a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.  This approach combines the latest technology in cosmetic lasers with a program of hair care products and supplements.

 Each client starts with a: 

  • Hair evaluation when beginning, and
  • Periodically through the program.

To achieve maximum benefit from this service, it is important that clients adhere to the recommended regimen and utilize the Hair Enhancement products.

Benefits of the Laser Enhancement Therapy:

  • Enhances appearance and overall health of the hair
  • Feeds the hair bulb
  • Increases blood flow to the scalp by 15 -20%
  • Increases the diameter of the hair (density) by 10-15%
  • Improves hair count
  • Improves tensile strength by 70%
  • Returns hair to look more youthful and shiny 
  • Maintains richness of color and color treatments
  • Promotes increased hair count and growth rate
  •  Easy to do - just sit for 30 minutes to relax or get caught up on emails or texts

The recommended term of the Laser Light Hair Enhancement is 6-months to one year for clients who's goal is to create a thicker, fuller looking head of hair.

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  • Each session is 30-minutes
  • Recommended twice a week
  • Sessions must be at least 48 hours apart

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