salon faq

Should I color my grey hair?

Grey hair is aging on most people. It would be best to consult a professional on whether to enhance or cover grey. This decision is a choice with upkeep as part of the equation. Grey hair is usually dull, so, I would suggest to at least keep it shiny with a product or conditioning application. Tips: Wear brighter colors that enhance the hair, skin, and eyes; and it is better to have contrast between the hair, skin, and eyes, not just one color from head to toe. Grey is a background color and is enhanced with other colors such as blues, reds, greens, and yellow.

Are professional products better than grocery store brands?

Most store brands are usually watered down and seem to create oiliness on the scalp and dryness on the ends. Professional brands are more concentrateed, so, less is used. The cost ends up around the same and the hair and scalp is in better shape. This helps in creating a healthier and shiny hairstyle. Tip: Ask enough questions about the professional products that you choose. If you are not happy with the professional products, it could be that you were recommended the wrong product for your hair type or the wrong styling product for your style or maintenance.

How do I choose a hairstylist?

With a salon on every corner, and an average of 4 stylists in every salon, how do you make a choice? For most, there are a lot of disappointments in their attempts. Whether you have just moved to the area or have been searching for years, try these tips for better results:

  • Decide what you want before you go. Do you want a new style? Are you happy with your style but new in the area? Are you conservative or trendy? Do you want guidance from a stylist, or one that will follow your direction closely? Do you want a hairstyle that requires regular maintenance (every 4-6 weeks for a cut, color, etc.)?
  • Check out leads. When you see someone that has a great style and is close to the same type of hair as you have, stop them an ask who their stylist is. A stylists’ best advertisement are their clients.
  • Inspect a place before you make an appointment. Are you comfortable with the cleanliness and professional response of the staff? Talk to the owner about your requirements and see who she or he suggests. Don’t be afraid to walk out if you are not happy. Ask for a consultation with the stylist before making an appointment. After the talk, you will know whether you want to go further. Make an appointment for another day if you are comfortable.
  • Communicate by asking for what you want. The stylist should ask questions and gather information before rendering services. If not, take the time to state clearly or show pictures of what you are looking for in a style. And keep in mind, pictures should only be a guide to show what styles you like. A good stylist will know how to adapt the styles to your needs. If you don’t feel the stylist is listening or you feel uncomfortable---leave!

When choosing a styling product, what features and benefits do I need to look for?

Know what type of hair that you have: fine—medium---course---flat---heavy---frizzy---dry-oily to name a few. Look for key words to describe how you want you to appear and be managed. Example: volumizing or smoothes frizziness

Does everyone have a shorter hairstyle that looks good on them?

Yes, everyone has a shorter hairstyle that will fit their face, head and body shape. A skilled artist would be your best choice to consult, execute, and guide you to love and maintain that shorter style. Most people are afraid of shorter hair. Our hair is our main adornment and some people feel that their longer hair is their glory and without it they would feel too revealed. Sometimes cutting your hair shorter is a very freeing experience! What about you?