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 Anti-Aging Hand Treatment Upgrade


​​LCN has created this top of the line treatment with real results.  Smoothes, Nourishes and Regenerates the skin.  Using galvanic and ultrasonic technology paired with Anti Aging Lifting Concentrate with Stem Cells the treatment will help regulate pigmentation disorders, promote the skin's regeneration process and hydrates. This service increases the contents of elastin fibers in the skin and therefore counteracts the loss of elasticity and moisture in the tissue as well as the formation of wrinkles.. $50

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Adding Length and Fullness to Your Hair in Seconds with the "Halo"


Imagio is committed to protect your BREATHING ZONE!

Ask about our Aerovex System - The next generation in portable hair salon ventilation technology.  Instantly captures harmful vapors and fumes! No more worrying about salon vapors that can harm customers and staff?



Imagio's Signature Services: Your name is written all over it!

Signature  Massage                          $97.00

75 Minutes of cozy, ready-to-melt heaven that includes warm scented oil, heated river stones, a hydrating clay mask, rich body creme, and warm scented towels. Create your signature massage with Get Fresh’s natural, paraben free body crème in Warrior Princess(Blackberry Vanilla), Grapefruit, Lemongrass or Star Fruit.

Signature  Manicure                          $40.00

Step 1. Exfoliation Scrub - with Get Fresh's scented sugar scrub
Step 2. Moisturizing Clay Mask Hand and Arm treatment
Step 3. Massage with Rich Body Creme  then Polish

Signature  Pedicure                          $60.00

Step 1. Aromatic, fizzing and softening Foot bath
Step 2. Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Step 3. Moisturizing  towel wrapped Clay Mask
Step 4. Massage with Rescue me foot repair Creme   
Step 5. Polish

Signature  Facial                                            $125.00

Unwind your mind and revive your skin with the aromatic scents of Euphoria and Stress Relief Essential Oils, complete with a soothing Enzyme Peel under warm steamers, relaxing Hand Massage, and a cooling masque. This results-oriented Signature Facial utilizes a protein enzyme that stimulates cell metabolism to dramatically improve the skin's appearance.